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This is a blog dedicated to the brilliance and wonder of animated music videos. I hope to learn about new music and bands through this and highly encourage people to send me some artists or songs to look up.

Nov 5

Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. Blue Sky

Oct 19


Twice - Little Dragon

“Twice I turned my back on you.”

(via mohavemamba-deactivated20130208)

Sep 23

upcoming LIVETUNE single [TRANSFER]

Sep 14

wereallgonners asked: Hi I tried to submit a video to Madderfield's What happened to the boy but could'nt find any send or submit button to send the filled in form, Any suggestions? Thanks

Hey there! I just checked the submit forum, and you are right! There isn’t a submit button as the forum seems to be cut off at the bottom? I’m assuming this is a problem with tumblr itself, as this is the first we’ve had a problem! People can just note me/us as you did and I’ll find the video myself and post it up manually :D

Madderfield - What happened to the boy

Sep 6

Aberdeen - Cage the Elephant

Sep 5

Sep 4

The Show Must Go On by The Real Tuesday Weld

"Sky High" by Marble Sounds

Zen Café - Piha Ilman Sadettajaa

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